Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors come in all shapes and sizes, but one this is certain – they all started somewhere. If you are thinking of investing, or a long-time veteran, talk with Bergmann Law about your needs and concerns and see how we can help.  Whether you are looking to wholesale properties and do not know where to start, working on purchasing your next apartment building, or having an issue with a contractor on a rehab project, we are here to help.

Problem Tenants?

Whether you are a landlord with residential or commercial properties or a tenant in commercial or industrial space, our firm can provide you with highly experienced and knowledgeable legal guidance regarding any landlord/tenant dispute. We are deeply experienced in this area of law and whether you are an investor with a problem tenant who provide the highest level of legal representation for your legal matter.

Of course if you are an investor and your property is owned by either a corporation or LLC, you’ll need representation.  If you are an individual and comfortable with appearing in Landlord/Tenant court on your own, we can limit our representation to simply preparing you for your day in Court.

Landlord/Tenant Services:

  • Negotiation and preparation of residential and commercial leases
  • Eviction actions
  • Warrants of Removal
  • Rent control issues
  • Security deposit issues
  • Disorderly tenant matters
  • Failure to maintain property issues
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Other matters
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