Small Business Support

If you are a small business without in-house counsel it’s likely you are making legal decisions every day, without proper advice and support. At Bergmann Good, we offer a comprehensive, efficient and affordable solution. We learn your business inside and out so when you need help such as contract review, help with a non-paying client or any other everyday legal issue you encounter, your business has a reliable and singular point of contact to reach out to for answers. Some of the Small Business Support services we provide are:

      • Review of business forms for suggested improvements to increase efficiency and legal protection.
      • Review of operations manual
      • Drafting correspondence with a problematic customer and/or client
      • Contract review
      • Negotiation support

All these services can be provided on a project basis, for a fixed fee, or we can tailor a custom program to best fit both the needs of you and your business.

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