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Did you know…you can (and should) call your lawyer before things go wrong 

This is not only the best piece of advice routinely given to clients, it’s also the simplest: as soon as you think you might need a lawyer, make the call.

For instance, recently a landlord client called with a potential tenant problem. Two tenants, paramours sharing an apartment, broke up and one moved out. The remaining tenant could not afford the property on his own for long and called the landlord us to work out a solution before he was in trouble. In turn, the Landlord called us for assistance. Reasonably working out a negotiated lease termination allowed the tenants to end their lease without an eviction and credit impairment, while allowing the landlord to get new tenants in the property. The key is everyone did exactly what they should have, and the outcome benefited all. The tenant talked to his landlord before the rent was late or missing and the landlord called his lawyer for advice, rather than making a similar call a few weeks later when an eviction was necessary.

Everybody wins.

This principle applies to business disputes as well. Unfortunately, most of the business breakups we see are long, dramatic, and expensive. But every now and then a business comes to us early, recognizing things are not working. It’s much easier to dissolve the business and wind things up before there is financial hardship and hurt feelings. Early intervention saves everyone time, money and lowers the stress in what can be a very stressful event.

If you have a real estate or business issue, not yet a problem – just a concern, give us a call and we can talk it through with you.


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Did you know…..

Did you know…?

The dangers of social media and litigation.

Going through litigation is difficult. It is an expensive, lengthy and stressful process for all involved and it is tempting to want to vent your feelings in public, whether to sway public opinion or just to feel like you are keeping friends, family, and acquaintances informed. This can especially be true if you feel your opponent has treated you unfairly. However, if litigation is in your future, do yourself a favor and keep your thoughts about your case and your opponent between yourself and your lawyer. Public statements in forums like Facebook, can end your case before it even gets started. In the heat of litigation, or potential litigation, tempers can flare and posting comments about your thoughts can make you feel better in the short term, but if you wish to avoid the risk of damaging your case – mum is the word.

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Did you know…?

In a series of short blog posts we will explore some things about our work here at Bergmann Law that many of our clients were surprised to learn. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well.

So… did you know…hiring a good real estate attorney means you might not have to attend closing?

Closings can be tough. Often scheduled in the middle of the day, it can take a lot of time on a day when things are already hectic and stressful. Perhaps it’s also moving day and your furniture, new house or storage unit are all that’s on your mind. Maybe you are moving in and just want to get your keys already!

This isn’t possible for all clients, especially buyers whose lenders often require attendance at closing, but in the event of a smooth transaction and a cooperative team of real estate professionals, the number of clients we have been able to close through the mail is on the rise.

We can often have closing documents sorted and in the hands of the title company in advance, meaning you don’t have to sit at the closing table drinking bad coffee, eating stale cookies and making painful small talk.

So, are you closing on a property and want to find out how we can make the process as painless as possible? Give us a call.