If Your Beagle Has Been Singled Out In The Past, This is Good News for You

There is a new proposed bill in the New York legislature that may prevent landlords from banning specific breeds of dog from their properties. If New York Assembly Bill A2065A passes, landlords will still be allowed to ban tenants from owning any animals or ban particular animals if that animal has a history of violence, but they will no longer be allowed to ban specific breeds entirely. Although this rule will only apply to New York leases, it’s an example of how often changes occur, often without those effected having any advance notice.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, always remember the rules and regulations surrounding rental properties are constantly changing at both the state and federal level.  A landlord in New York who has a lease banning beagles could find themselves in trouble.  Likewise, a beagle-owning tenant looking for a new apartment should know their breed cannot be singled out. Having an attorney review your lease, whether you are a landlord renewing or a tenant looking for a new home, is always the best way to ensure your lease is in line with the rules and regulations of your state – and the rights of both you and your beagle are fully protected.

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