Civil Litigation

The practice of Civil Litigation is a broad area that covers a wide range of disputes.

At Bergmann Good, we have significant experience in civil legal actions involving disputes of private and public law issues between individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our firm approaches each case on its own unique issues. Our initial goal is to aim for an early settlement of the case. If that is not possible due to the circumstances involved, we will pursue litigation with full expectation of a successful result. In resolving the case as quickly as possible for clients, we may avoid trial through mediation or arbitration. In all case situations, the attorneys at Bergmann Good will attempt to conclude legal action as efficiently as possible in favor of our client.

Civil Litigation Services:

  • Tort claims
  • Employee grievance appeals
  • Employee discrimination claims
  • General civil claims
  • Commercial disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Small business litigation


Collection law is a core practice area for Bergmann Good

Our firm represents business owners and individuals in the collection of unpaid debts along with proceedings to enforce judgments. We represent secured and unsecured creditors in a variety of proceedings along with foreclosure and other actions to repossess property. Our firm serves our clients through all stages of the debt collection process, including litigation and up through bankruptcy proceedings. We constantly strive to protect our clients’ right to collection for all debts owed them.

Collections Services:

  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Actions to enforce promissory notes
  • Construction lien enforcement & foreclosure
  • Judgment collection
  • Landlord/Tenant proceeding and evictions
  • Trade debt and accounts receivable
  • Real Estate foreclosure