A Tax Appeal- Is It Worth It?

Are your taxes out of control? Are you an investor with multiple properties and taxes that overshadow your profits?  Do you own a commercial property with outrageous tax bills?  If you live in New Jersey, the answer is probably yes.


Although New Jersey is notorious for high real estate taxes, it doesn’t hurt to have someone else take a look to make sure you aren’t paying any more than necessary. Taxes can be appealed in tax court, but they can also be appealed on the local level. But don’t wait until April 1st to appeal.


Townships are planning their budgets now because tax rolls are submitted at the end of January which means that at the moment, you are more likely to successfully appeal your taxes. After the first of the year, the budgets are fixed- which means the assessor has less discretion. Use the flexibility available now your advantage!


Of course, not everyone’s taxes are worth appealing so give us a call and we’ll do quick analysis to see if a lower tax bill is in your future.

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